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Aji Amarillo Pods
Aji Amarillo Pods

Aji Amarillo Pods

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Aji Amarillo is hot, sweet and fruity all at the same time. This pepper is native to the Andes and has been called the most important ingredient in Peruvian cuisine as it is the cornerstone to many traditional dishes.

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Organic aji amarillo pods


Chincha Valley, Peru

These organic Peruvian chiles are grown by a farm collective in Chincha, Peru that focus on cultivation of indigenous crops to restore the land and strengthen community. Also called aji Mirasol, Escabeche or Cusqueno. Aji Amarillo grows all over Peru since its one of the few peppers that has been domesticated, although its name means “yellow pepper” the young fruit starts out green, turns yellow at its harvesting peak, but the color changes to orange as it matures.

Tips for Success

  • Whole chiles are best pureed into a paste but they can also be ground or crushed and made into chile flakes. Remove stems and seeds if desired. Lightly toast them for a smokey flavor and then soak them in warm water until soft. Remove them from the water and blend, adding a little soaking water as needed to get the desired consistency.
  • Suited for both raw and cooked applications such as roasting, simmering, boiling and grilling. When used raw, it can be added to salsas, tossed in salads or blended into hot sauces and pastes. When used for cooked preparations can be utilized for stuffing, soups, stews and deep frying. Aji Amarillo pairs well with pretty much everything from potatoes, beans, fish, poultry, pork, beef and even rice.
  • This pepper is versatile adding complex, fruity flavors with a kick of spice to dishes like ceviches, tiraditos, papa a la Huancaina, causa rellena, papa rellena, soups, aji de gallina, seco de carne or just as crema de aji (hot sauce). It is most commonly used with garlic and red onions, which is called the “holy trinity” of the Peruvian cuisine.


What does Aji Amarillo taste like?

Aji Amarillo is an incredibly fruity chile pepper with medium heat. Due to the fruitiness we love to use this chile in tropical recipes.

What is Aji Amarillo?

Aji Amarillo is the name of a Peruvian chile and is the backbone of Peruvian cuisine.

How do you use Aji Amarillo?

This chile is often used fresh in Peru and when it is dried it is sometimes referred to as Aji mirasol. We get this chile right after it is harvested and dried so it still contains the fruity notes of the fresh chile and the bright yellow color. Soak these and create a paste that can be used as a marinade or even a delicious dipping sauce.

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