Medium Cast Iron Spice Grinder



Spice Tribe chefs love this grinder and use it daily. You get the freshest flavors imaginable when you grind whole spices right before using them, and this grinder makes it easy to crush spices to whatever coarseness you desire.

What's Inside

3.5″ Height x 3″ Diameter
Net Weight: 2.4 lbs

Tips for Success

Only use dry spices—moist spices and salt can cause corrosion on grinding surfaces. Clean your grinder with a brush and keep it dry at all times.


With its natural non-stick surface that improves with age, Skeppshult cast iron cookware is made to last for generations. Each cast iron piece is unique and made by hand in the deep forests of Småland, Sweden. The pyramid-shaped grinding surfaces are made of seasoned cast iron. The spice compartment has a walnut lid with a silicone seal. The interior of the grinder is seasoned with natural Swedish organic canola oil; the exterior surface is treated with black lacquer to avoid staining.


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