Sacred Maya Cacao

Candied Lemon, Banana, Mango


The most prized cacao, ceremonial grade, traditionally reserved for the God’s and royalty, is carefully set aside in small batches. The farmers add nothing, leaving behind 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao for you to savor. Add some hot water or milk of choice, mix well, maybe a dollop of wild honey, and you are sure to be transported to the world of ancient Maya, tasting the earthy terroir of this untouched land.

Every sip extracts the rich flavor of the bean, leaving you with tropical tasting notes of Candied Lemon, Banana and Mango. Since there is limited harvest of the cacao, and even less of the ceremonial grade, once a batch is sold out, you have to wait another year. What the farmers tell us is that every crop that they harvest is unique and has helped their families thrive, but most of all, they are proud to share their secret that they have been enjoying with the rest of the world.

What's Inside


Pure Organic Cacao
100% Compostable Pouch Net Weight: 8oz
No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers

Tips for Success

  1. Take a handful of discs
    5-15 cacao discs depending on how light or strong you prefer your delicious brew

  2. Combine with hot liquid at 180°
    Your choice of water, plant or dairy milk

  3. Whisk or blend for 15 seconds
    Add a dash of wild honey, maple syrup or your favorite sweetener to extract even more flavor

  4. Ready to drink
    Drink and enjoy what we think is the most flavorful, full-bodied cacao experience


Up in the mountains of Guatemala is the remote Maya village of San Juan Chivite, accessible only by crossing a swinging bridge over the wide, rushing Cahabón river. 125 indigenious Maya families have perfected the art of honoring their land and growing some of the purest cacao ever tasted by us. With limited electricity, cacao is harvested April to June by hand and fermented in wooden boxes, gently drying in the bask of sunlight that graces the 600 ft altitude.


What is cacao paste?

Cacao paste is made from the whole cacao bean. It is ground between stones until it liquifies into a smooth paste. It is then formed into discs or chips that harden as it cools. Cocoa powder on the other hand has been processed to remove the cacao butter which is why it is a dry powder and does not melt.

How to store cacao?

Cacao can last 2 years if stored properly. It can melt at 93f-110f and should be stored in the coolest place of your kitchen.

Is this cacao raw?

Our cacao has been lightly toasted just as the indigenous communities have been doing for centuries. Additionally during the fermentation process, the cacao can reach 110f so even if it wasn’t toasted it is technically not raw.