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Chicken, Green Beans, Red Bell Pepper and Peanut Stir-Fry

Stir-frying is a Chinese cooking technique that is done over high heat in order to cook small pieces of food (different proteins, vegetables, etc.) rapidly by stirring them frequently in a wok or frying pan. The ingredients are cooked with a small amount of oil or liquid to create a sauce and then mixed with different seasonings. Stir-frying is the technique we can always rely on for a quick, healthy and delicious meal. Whether you’re trying to put dinner on the table in the shortest time possible or use up veggies in your fridge, stir-fry is most likely the way to go.

The greatest thing about this cooking technique is that there are no wrong combinations. Use whatever you have leftover in your fridge or follow along with a recipe that you love, making substitutions as you go.

Simply follow these steps when putting a stir-fry together:

  1. Choose Ingredients: protein(s), aromatics and vegetables.
  2. Prep your ingredients: have your ingredients cut, chopped and prepped in small containers and ready to go into the wok as cooking them will go quickly.
  3. Make a stir-fry sauce: combine ingredients you may already have in your pantry like soy sauce, chili oil, brown sugar, rice vinegar, and cornstarch. Sauces add flavor to any dish.
  4. Stir-fry: cook your proteins and vegetables separately since they have different cooking times. Start with your protein, cooking until golden brown, then remove it and set aside. If using aromatics, add them to the wok and cook them until fragrant. Add your vegetables and cook them until tender but still crunchy. Return the protein back to the wok and add the sauce to combine, making sure to coat everything really well.
  5. Garnish your dish: not only for looks, but also to add some other flavors.

This stir-fry recipe has a Japanese inspired flair using our Kissed by Binchotan Chili Blend and delicious aromatics like cloves and ginger. Sub out other vegetables that you have on hand if you’d like and get creative with your protein if you don’t prefer chicken thighs.



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Photo of Chicken, Green Beans, Red Bell Pepper and Peanut Stir-Fry


  1. Separate the green and white part of the scallions, cut the white part 1/2 inch thick and slice the green part.
  2. Cut the green beans in half crosswise.
  3. Pat chicken dry, cut into ¾ inch pieces and season with salt and black pepper.
  4. Combine soy sauce, chicken broth and white sugar. Set aside
  5. Heat a wok (or a heavy skillet) over medium-high heat. Add oil and cook chicken until golden brown, approximately 4 to 5 minutes. With a slotted spoon remove the chicken from the wok and set aside.
  6. In the same wok add garlic, ginger, green beans, red bell pepper, white scallions, Mara Chili Flakes and stir fry for 4 minutes until veggies start softening.
  7. Add soy sauce-chicken stock mixture into the wok, reduce heat to medium and let it reduce for 3 minutes stirring occasionally. Return the chicken meat (and all the juices!) to the wok and peanuts. Toss well to combine and serve right away. Garnish with green scallions


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