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What make us different

Taste the difference

Mindfulness is at the core of everything we do—the way we cook, certainly. (That’s why we always say, “Don’t forget to breathe and taste your food.”)

But we also strive to be mindful about the way we source and curate spices, and about the way we develop and test our recipes.

With Spice Tribe, you can feel good about the way you cook:

You can trace our spices back to the farm where they were grown

We purchase annual small-batch spice harvests for unmatched quality and freshness

We’ve got unique flavors you can’t find in the grocery story (or anywhere else)

All our spice blends are ground fresh, in small batches

We offer non-GMO, organic spices

We are transparent about our ingredients, so it’s easy for you to address any health or dietary concerns

All our recipes are chef-tested (and tasted)—we don’t sell it to you unless we love it

A portion of proceeds from every sale goes to feed hungry people in our local community

Spices Are the Foundation of Flavor

Spices are the heart and soul of a recipe, adding flavor and transforming a dish from delicious to sublime. Spices make cooking exciting and food enjoyable. They’re good for your body, too. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar. Garlic can boost the health of your heart. Cayenne eases pain, turmeric fights inflammation and ginger relieves nausea. The more you discover about spices, the more reasons you find to love them.

Our Farmer’s Market Philosophy

We scour the globe for the best spices we can find. But we’re not stalking the aisles of international supermarkets. We meet small-batch farmers in their fields and purchase their annual harvest. For you, this means unmatched quality and freshness, and a variety of spices you can’t find anywhere else (including non-GMO and organic options).

You Know What You’re Getting

Since we know exactly where our spices came from, we can tell you everything about them. If you have health and/or dietary concerns, you can see our list of ingredients and know which spices and spice blends will work for you.

We Grind, Blend, Test and Taste

Everything at Spice Tribe is chef-driven, chef-curated, chef-tested (and tasted), and guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. If we don’t love it ourselves, we don’t sell it to you.

We Feed Hungry People

Our passion for promoting wellbeing through healthy, mindful eating extends to every member of our community. That’s why a portion of proceeds from every sale goes to feed individuals and families in our local community through our foundation, Tribe for Change.


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