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Who We Are

We Begin By Slowing Down

Life is a rush. Coming, going, even standing still—we’re always busy, always distracted, always thinking of the next thing we need to check off a list.

We eat on the run. We consume food made to fill but not nourish. We chew, swallow, and move on without thinking about what we’re putting into our mouths. What does it smell like? What flavors tickle the tongue?

At Spice Tribe we believe that food should be savored. That cooking should be an experience that grounds you in the moment.

The practice of mindful cooking is one of slowing down so you can be present, not just while you’re eating, but while you’re creating what you eat.

Observe your fresh ingredients—the array of colors, the variety of textures. Stir a simmering pot and breathe in the aroma of the spices you sprinkled there. Take a taste and see where it takes you.

Trent Blodgett

Chef | Founder | CEO

Growing up under the weight of chronic depression, Trent Blodgett’s vision of his future was bleak. Then at age 18, he landed a job as a busboy, which led to a host position at an upscale Spanish-style eatery in San Francisco.

The chef noticed Trent hanging around the kitchen all the time and offered him a job as a prep cook. He accepted without hesitation.

Awestruck by the aromas and flavors that surrounded him, Trent became fascinated with every aspect of cooking—the history of each dish, how taste and smell can trigger memories, and the way different cultures influence each other’s cuisine.

He began traveling as much as he could, visiting far-flung cities and cramming his suitcase full of the spices he discovered there. Back at home he experimented, creating spice blends that reminded him of the sights, smells, and tastes he sampled on streets all over the world.

Food became his medicine, and cooking his meditation. It wasn’t a hobby so much as a way of life that helped him heal. Cooking mindfully—being fully in the moment as he prepared his meals—became a practice that literally saved his life. The difference in his outlook—and his way of eating—was profoundly transformative for Trent. As he practiced mindful cooking, he felt more connected both to his own identity and to the ingredients he used—especially the spices he had brought home from his travels.

The spices, he felt, didn’t get the recognition they deserved. No one paid attention to where they were grown or when they were harvested, and yet spices are the very foundation of flavor itself. He began building menus around his spice blends, sharing his stories and seasonings with family and friends, and then friends-of-friends, and then perfect strangers.

Spice Tribe was born not only from Trent’s passion for flavor, but his fundamental belief that changing the way you think about cooking changes your life.

Patricio Duffoo

Chef | Culinary Director

Spend some time in the kitchen with Chef Patricio Duffoo and his calm, patient demeanor will instantly put you at ease. His reputation for moving thoughtfully and methodically—even under intense pressure—is legendary.When you combine that serenity with his eagerness to share his vast culinary knowledge, it’s plain to see that Chef Patricio (Pato to close friends and family) is a perfect fit for Spice Tribe.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Pato grew up loving the ocean and all things nature-related, so moving to Northern California was a natural transition for him.

As either consultant or executive chef, Pato has lent his wisdom and expertise to some of the Bay Area’s most beloved restaurants, including Bocadillos, barvale, and Teleferic Barcelona.

Mindful Cooking (noun)

mind·​ful cook·​ing |
\ ˈmīn(d)-fəl \ ˈku̇-kiŋ

  1. the art of cultivating peace, joy, and delicious food
  2. being aware of and fully immersed in the process of preparing your food


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