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Floral Lemongrass
Floral Lemongrass
Floral Lemongrass

Floral Lemongrass

Mint, Citrus Zest, Ginger Tea

Size: 1.5oz Jar

Lemongrass grown in Sri Lanka has a unique floral and citrusy flavor that adds a special dimension to any dish it's used in. Our Floral Lemongrass is dried and ground by request from our farm partners in Sri Lanka to ensure it is always as fresh as can be.

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Glass Jar Net Weight: 1.5oz

100% Compostable Pouch Net Weight: 8oz


Organic lemongrass powder


Matale, Sri Lanka

Legendary Indian chef and food writer Madhur Jaffrey once said that lemongrass is one of the aromatic seasonings that gives Sri Lankan cuisine its “special je ne sais quois.” Our lemongrass comes from Matale in the island nation’s central highlands, where two brothers from a multi-generational farming family harvest the stiff stems in the early morning so that drying can take place under the full strength of the tropical sun. Dried lemongrass is then ground in small batches, on-demand, to preserve the potency of its gingery, floral flavor.

Tips for Success

  • The flavor compounds are released in oil and are best when bloomed with your aromatics such as frying a curry paste.
  • You can substitute 1 stalk of fresh lemongrass with 1 tsp of dried.


What is lemongrass used for?

Lemongrass has been used as a medicine in many cultures before it was used in cooking. It has been used to treat many conditions from stomach ailments to the common cold.

How do you make lemongrass powder tea?

You can simply add boiling water to lemongrass powder like any tea and steep, then strain and sweeten if desired.

Is lemongrass powder as good as fresh?

Sometimes a recipe will require fresh lemongrass but this is the freshest lemongrass powder we have ever tried and can be just as flavorful and much more convenient than fresh lemongrass.

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