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Sumac Tomato Flatbread with Garlic Yogurt Spread


These toasted naan flatbreads with a garlicky sumac yogurt spread topped with farmers market heirloom tomatoes are seriously my dream! SO easy, no fuss meal for these hot summer days.

I am absolutely in love with this recipe. It starts with a homemade garlicky yogurt sauce with garlic cloves, lemon zest, lemon juice and sherry vinegar – literally so simple. I recommend making extra and saving in the fridge. It can be used to make homemade naan, marinate chicken or even just a dip for veggies. (and to make these heirloom toasts of course)!

After you make your yogurt sauce, you go in with slicing heirloom tomatoes – if you don’t have these on hand, then any tomato works – roma, cherry, whatever you can get your hands on. Right now though, at my local farmer’s markets, the heirloom tomatoes are absolutely beautiful – I seriously cannot tell you how many tomatoes I eat every day during this summer season. Just SO good.

Once you have all your prep done, you’re going to toast your flatbread/naan and lather on your yogurt sauce and top with your heirloom tomatoes – slice, serve, and enjoy! It’s a dream forsure. I think what really elevates this dish is the awesome Spice Tribe Ancient Halaby Middle Eastern Chile Blend mixed with sumac and aleppo pepper – it just takes this to the next level.


(and I might even extend making this till beg of Fall until tomato season is REALLY over here in LA).

Serving Size: 2-4


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Photo of Sumac Tomato Flatbread with Garlic Yogurt Spread


  1. In a bowl, add your yogurt, garlic cloves, lemon zest, lemon, sherry vinegar, middle eastern blend, salt and pepper, mix well and set aside.
  2. Next cube and slice your heirloom tomatoes and lay on paper towels with a drizzle of salt to get the moisture out. (This helps so there isn’t sogginess on the naan).
  3. Toast your naan/flatbread, layer on your yogurt spread then your tomatoes and top with more middle eastern spice, salt and pepper. Slice and serve.


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