Sun Dried Star Anise

Sweet, Licorice, Warming


Star Anise is a beautiful and fragrant spice that adds depth and aromatic freshness to dishes and drinks alike. Our Sun Dried Star Anise is grown by expert farmers and handselected each year to ensure the most redolent and fresh variaetal of star anise you can find.

What's Inside

Organic whole star anise

Glass Jar Net Weight: .5oz
100% Compostable Pouch Net Weight: 8oz
No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers

Tips For Success

  • Star anise is very versatile and can be used numerous ways. You can lightly toast this spice for more nutty flavors and crush them to release the flavor from the seed pods. The compounds also disperse well in oil and alcohol based liquids. Additionally you can use them whole in water based applications but they need to be slow cooked to release the flavor. Note that the longer you cook this spice the stronger the flavor will be.
  • Origin

    For over 3,000 years, this stellar—get it?—spice with a pleasingly medicinal, sweet-licorice flavor has been cultivated in Bac Ninh Province, east of Hanoi in North Vietnam, only making its way along the tea route in Europe during the 1500s. Star anise grows on evergreen trees that flourish in the region’s climate of steamy monsoons and cold winters. During the bi-annual harvests, locals climb the trees to retrieve the green fruit (spring yields smaller star anise without seeds while fall’s seed-bearing fruit is larger and more fragrant), which is then sun-dried for one hour a day—usually mid-morning—for five days, just long enough to burst the seam of each “petal,” exposing a flavor-concentrated seed.


    What is star anise used for?

    Star anise is has sweet characteristics but is often used in savory dishes like soups, stews and sauces.

    Is star anise tea safe to drink?

    Is star anise tea safe to drink?

    What does star anise smell like?

    Star anise has notes of fragrant sweet licorice with hints of pepper.