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Garam Masala Spice Blend

When you’re making a spice blend like Garam Masala, the freshness and quality of each spice really matters. I couldn’t think of a better recipe to do justice to Spice Tribe’s high-quality spices than this 6-ingredient Garam Masala.

Bonus: They have black cumin seeds (Shah zeera), a spice that’s hard-to-find but traditionally used in Garam Masala!

Spice Tribe’s Single Origin Spices are ground in small batches (aka unbeatable freshness and quality control), plus it’s non-GMO (& no pesticides!). They also benefit local farmers with fair and sustainable practices. On each bottle, you can see the specific ‘terroir’ and that reflects the grower or collective in a small region and feel connected to the source.

I’m always happy to support small businesses that are treading the path to fair trade! Not to mention we get unmatched freshness and quality – see stories for how to make this garam masala!

This makes a mild, fresh garam masala that smells sweet and delightful. It’ll elevate every recipe instead of taking away from it!


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  1. Combine the spices in a spice grinder. Grind to a powder, shaking the spice grinder in between to evenly distribute the spices.


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