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Sautéed Fresh calamari with Butter Beans and maras Chili Flakes

This simple, yet irresistibly delicious dish shines with fresh, tender calamari that’s sautéed with garlic, white wine, and chili flakes. Quick to throw together, economical, and healthy, this recipe is good for you, while also offering a sustainable option for you to consume fish as calamari is considered to be a “species of least concern.”

Impressive not only as an appetizer, but also as a main dish that you can customize endlessly to whatever you’re craving or have on hand in the fridge. From tomatoes (fresh, roasted or sun dried), fennel (fresh or roasted), sautéed broccolini, roasted peppers, olives, you name it and it will thrive in this dish! You could also substitute any type of bean you’d prefer and good quality canned beans work just as well.

Follow your appetite and intuition with this one and you won’t be disappointed.


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Photo of Sautéed Fresh calamari with Butter Beans and maras Chili Flakes


  1. Cut the cleaned calamari tubes into 1-inch rings, put them in a mixing bowl with the tentacles and keep it refrigerated until needed.
  2. Place a large sauté pan over high heat. Once the pan is hot, add the olive oil (make sure it coats the bottom of the pan).
  3. Add Calamari to the pan and season with salt and pepper, cook for 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Add shallots and cook for one minute, add the garlic and cook for another minute.
  5. Add chili flakes, oregano, butter beans and toss to combine. Add white wine to deglaze the bits from the bottom and cook for one minute.
  6. Add the butter and chopped parsley, remove from the heat. Stir well to combine the butter and parsley.
  7. Serve immediately with toasted bread on the side.

Recipe Note

- Make sure your calamari is fresh. It shouldn’t smell fishy… it should smell fresh!

- Sauté fast! Calamari should be cooked quickly over high heat or slowly over low heat to ensure it’s tender, anywhere in between and it will feel rubbery.

- If you prefer, you could tenderize the calamari and remove some of the chewiness by soaking it in either lemon juice or kiwi fruit juice for half an hour before cooking it. The acidity helps to break down the texture. Additionally, you could soak it in milk overnight, covered and refrigerated.


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