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Smoked Pork Back Ribs

These BBQ smoked ribs are tender, juicy, and full of that smokey flavor that is so special to this kind of cooking. Whether you like them with a dry rub or smothered in sauce, this is definitely the way to go when it comes to cooking your ribs. Simply choose what type of wood you’d like to use (my preference is apple or hickory, but use whatever is handy like cherry, maple, or walnut) and season with your favorite Spice Tribe dry rub combo. We did a test run with our Masa Mole blend, Mombacho Café blend, Kissed by Binchotan blend and California Love blend and let me tell ya’… you won’t be disappointed! Just follow these ratios for a delicious rub of your choosing: 4 parts Spice Tribe Blend | 2 parts Salt | 1 part Sugar.



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Photo of Smoked Pork Back Ribs


  1. In a mixing bowl combine Spice Tribe Blend of your preference, Pink Peruvian Salt, Sugar and combine well, set aside.
  2. Flip the slab of ribs over so the curved side faces you, insert the tip of a blunt knife underneath the thin white membrane (silver skin) to separate it from the bone. Once you have it loosened, slide your fingers underneath to start peeling it away. You can also grab a piece of paper towel for better grip and pull it away gently from the ribs. Doing this will allow the seasoning to penetrate the meat as well as the flavors from the smoker or grill, leaving the membrane will make your ribs a little tough and chewy since this membrane will not break down during the cooking process.
  3. Apply deliberately the dry rub mix onto the ribs to coat well and let it sit 30 to 45 minutes for the rub to penetrate the meat. You can do this the night before or the morning of.
  4. Preheat your smoker at 250F to create a low and slow smoke. Once the smoker is ready, place the ribs inside the smoker and let it smoke for 2 to 2.5hrs at 250F. They should reach an internal temperature of 175F/180F.
  5. After 2 hours, remove the ribs from the smoker and place them in a sheet of foil paper, wrap the ribs thighly with foil paper and return to the smoker for 1hr. You could add a little splash of apple cider vinegar, beer or water to help steam.
  6. After an hour, pull the ribs out of the smoker and let it rest for approximately 10 minutes. Unwrap the ribs and enjoy!!


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