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Spiced Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are one of those evergreen appetizers! It’s favorite for Easter Brunch, always a hit at Summer Picnic and equally great for Holiday parties too. Unless you dislike eggs, changes are you go straight for that plate and grab one or two before it all goes away.

What are Deviled Eggs

In simple words, Deviled Eggs are dressed up Hard-Boiled Eggs. Hard Boiled eggs are halved, and the yolks are taken out which is then spiced up before stuffing back.

Apparently, it’s the addition of spices that gave the name Deviled Eggs. The dish definitely deserved a much better name.

I for one cannot stop at one and could eat the entire plate if given a choice.

It is one of the easiest appetizers and you can prepare it several different way. Get your creative juices flowing and bring on all the flavor combination you can think of.

There is no end!

I prepared this particular version using Spice Tribe KISSED BY BINCHOTAN spice blend. This spice is not for people who cannot handle heat.

Steps to prepare:

Peel and slice the boiled eggs. Then using a spoon scoop out the egg yolk to a bowl. Using a fork break down the egg yolks. Mix mayonnaise, mustard and KISSED BY BINCHOTAN spice blend. Mix it nicely. Add some finely chopped cilantro to it.Now stuff back the spiced yolk to the halved eggs. Sprinkle some more of the spice blend and serve right away!

My first experience with Deviled Eggs

It was hilarious. I was not at all a foodie in those days and had very limited knowledge. So, we friends visited this small café in Bangalore and ordered a bunch load of dishes.

One of that was deviled eggs and I had no clue what exactly that was. Didn’t even figured out at the first look that it was egg. So, I grabbed one with zero interest and took a bite. My mind was blown away! I instantly grabbed the menu card to read details which said Basil Pesto Deviled Eggs.

What was that! With no smart phone, I waited to reach home and googled all about it and then blabbered about the dish for the next two days.

I did go back to the restaurant once again and this time grabbed a bite with a big smile on my face.

I do call myself Egg-holic because I can survive just on eggs. So Deviled Eggs had to be one my absolute fav appetizer.


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Photo of Spiced Deviled Eggs


    1. Hard Boiled the Eggs and then peel them off. (see steps in the things to remember section below)
    2. Carefully slice in half lengthwise and using a spoon take out the egg yolk to a mixing bowl.
    3. To the mixing bowl add the mayo, mustard and the spice mix along with cilantro leaves, salt and pepper.
    4. Mix it nicely. If it feels dry, add more mayonnaise.
    5. Then spoon the mixture back to the halved eggs or use a piping bag.

Recipe Note

How to Perfectly Peeled Hard-Boiled Eggs? One of the key steps for beautiful looking Deviled Eggs is to get perfectly boiled eggs peeled neatly. Here are the steps: Drop the egg in cold water and bring it to boil. Then switch off the heat and cover the pan with a lid for 10 minutes. Pour the hot water out after 10 minutes and add ice water to the pan. Next crack the eggs gently and place it back in the cold water. This helps to release the shell slightly. Now when you peel it off, the shell will come out easy.


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