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Mushroom Bisque with Pesto Grilled-Cheese Croutons

Taking lunch to the next level with a savory twist! 🍲✨Watch as I whip up a homemade pesto with a teaspoon of Spice Tribe’s Porcini Paradiso Italian Spice Blend, then transform it into pesto grilled cheese croutons for the ultimate mushroom bisque upgrade! 🧀🍄

Dairy-Free Pesto Ingredients:

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  • In a food processor, add the basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, Spice Tribe Porcini Paradiso seasoning, and salt.
  • Pulse the ingredients a few times to break them down.
  • Add in the olive oil and pulse until combined. If needed, add more olive oil until the desired consistency is reached.

Grilled Cheese Croutons:

  • Assemble grilled cheese sandwiches using dairy-free provolone cheese, pesto, and your favorite bread. Once the sandwiches are cooked to golden perfection, cut them into mini squares and add them to your soup of choice for a delicious and flavorful twist on traditional croutons.


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