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Clearance Oregano Flower Buds
Clearance Oregano Flower Buds

Clearance Oregano Flower Buds

Earthy, Citrus, Floral

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Oregano is a perennial herb with white or lilac-hued flowers. While the leaves are harvested and dried for flakes, the buds—picked at their peak aroma, right before bloom—offer a more delicate flavor. Our whole oregano buds flourish in the arid summers and mild winters of Denizli, Turkey, producing a spicy, hoppy twist when added to your meal.

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Whole oregano buds


Denizli, Turkey

The flowers bloom year-round in Denizli, Turkey, a town known throughout the western Aegean region for its luxuriant gardens. Everything from old-growth olive trees with twisted trunks to delicate lilac vitex flourishes in the mild climate and nutrient-rich soil of this fertile plain. Oregano loves the sun, so it’s no wonder both wild and cultivated plants thrive in the arid summers of Denizli, producing tiny, pinecone-shaped buds that bloom in bouquets of white, pink, or light purple flowers.

Tips for Success

  • Give the buds a crush between your fingers before sprinkling directly on to your food like pizza or throw them into sauces, stews or broths.
  • The flavors release best through water.


What are oregano flower buds?

Oregano flower buds are the same as the herb oregano but simply picked right after the flowers bloom.

How to cook with oregano flower buds?

Oregano flower buds can be used in all of the same recipes that call for oregano. Simply crush the buds between your fingers to sprinkle into stews, on top of pizza or anything your heart desires.

What are the health benefits of oregano?

Oregano has been used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory uses throughout history.

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