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BBQ Lovers Box

BBQ Lovers Box

3 Spice Blends

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While many of our blends can make a unique and delicious rub for a wide array of meals cooked over a fire, these are our go-to three. Mombacho Cafe is my favorite on grilled pork chops, smoked pork shoulder, and basically anything with pork and fire. Try making a glaze with this blend, honey, and a touch of apple cider vinegar to finish off some smoked ribs. California Love is favorite for family taco night and while this is a very versatile blend and good on anything and everything, we can't resist this blend on some carne asada. Mama Manje is nothing like you have ever tried before. Spicy and aromatic this blend is a perfect match for bbq chicken or even grilled seafood.

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Mama Manje Haitian Blend - Once upon a time in Haiti, on a trip with Every Mother Counts, the non-profit making maternity safe for moms everywhere, I was welcomed into a bustling kitchen of joyful female cooks. Big pots were steaming on small propane burners, fires were crackling under makeshift grills and the air was fragrant with epís—a Caribbean seasoning base akin to South American salsa verde, and mashed with a mortar and pestle just the same. Adding to the aromatic symphony was the te jenjam, or fresh ginger tea with cinnamon and star anise, I was drinking—a warm offering from one of the cooks. Mama Manje is my way of rekindling that fragrant afternoon in Haiti: I’ve combined those warming tea spices with traditional epís ingredients like habanero, onions, thyme and garlic to create a punchy, fresh-ground dry blend that gives jerk chicken a strong kick, crab butter a tropical flair and Chinese Five Spice a run for its money.

Mombacho Café Nicaraguan Blend - In the dense cloud forest that hangs from Nicaragua’s Mombacho Volcano, coffee plants grow wildly, thriving in the cool mist. Back on the ground in the nearby city of Granada, cafes honor the hallowed crop with an impossibly smooth brew. In my memory, the tempting bouquet of coffee roast is entwined with the equally inviting aroma of zesty mojo-marinated pork sizzling on a streetside charcoal grill. Mombacho Café is a flashback in flavor form: A classic Latin American adobo seasoning—garlic, black pepper and oregano—blended with coffee and citrus peels for complexity that’s robust and slightly bitter. In its presence, dishes destined for caramelization—from roasted carrots to pork loin glazed with a reduction of apple cider and honey—are never the same again.

California Love All Purpose Chile Blend - New Orleans gumbo and New Mexican posole were fixtures on the stove in my childhood home, perfuming the air with earthy cumin, sweet aromatics and freshly blistered chipotle or guajillo. These slow simmers were expressions of my father’s generosity—his ultimate satisfaction came from watching loved ones voraciously consume his creations. Whether my passion for cooking and sharing food comes from nature or nurture I may never know, but one thing’s for sure: These stewy, smoky flavors of the south and southwest—among our family’s favorite travel destinations—are inextricably linked to my West Coast upbringing. From popcorn dust to barbecue marinades to a smashing sofrito, California Love’s flavor notes rumble, but don’t tingle, despite the chiles—use it to add heartiness (and heart) to savory dishes.

Tips for Success

  • Clumping is normal as we don’t use anti caking agents or salt. If clumping occurs simply break apart with your hands before seasoning.
  • Try not to pour spices out of the jar over a steaming pot or pan as the steam can get in the jar and cause further clumping.
  • For maximum flavor make sure to use with salt.
  • Ground spices can burn quickly so make sure to use oil to help distribute the heat more evenly when making a rub.


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Can I buy spices for corporate gifts?

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How long will my spices last?

Whole spices can last a few years without losing flavor if stored properly. Ground spices start losing flavor after 3-6 months. However there is no expiration. For best results, store your spices in a cool place out of direct light.

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