California Coast Sea Salt Flakes

Crisp, Brine, Clean


These large flakey salt crystals are prized by chefs for their crisp flavor and delicate texture. Locally hand-harvested from the Pacific Ocean and slow-cooked over the fire the old fashion way.

What's Inside

Pacific sea salt flakes

Glass Jar Net Weight: 2.8oz
100% Compostable Pouch Net Weight: 16oz
No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers

Tips for Success

  • The perfect finishing sea salt flakes to garnish everything from a steak to tomato slices.

  • Adds a nice crunch and briny flavor.
  • Origin

    Humboldt, California
    "Made from seawater collected off the coast of Northern California near Humboldt, these high-grade, crisp, clean finishing flakes are made in small batches with artisanal technique—a delicate dance between filtration and fire evaporation—that seeks to achieve the perfect brine for the crystallization process. As salt crystals form over many hours on the surface of the oceanic concentrate, they sink to the bottom where they are raked, drained, and dried."


    What are sea salt flakes?

    Sea salt flakes are salt crystals prized by chefs around the world due to their soft and delicate texture making them ideal to finish an array of dishes.

    What do you use sea salt flakes for?

    You can use them on anything your heart desires from steak, fish, veggies or chocolate. It is best used at the end of cooking to retain the beautiful texture.

    Can I use sea salt flakes in place of regular salt?

    You absolutely can just note that because of the large crystals 1 tbsp of sea salt flakes will equal about ½ tbsp of finely ground sea salt.