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California Dried Onion
California Dried Onion

California Dried Onion

Molasses, Sharp, Pungent


Our California onions grow from heirloom seeds planted in the rich soil of the central San Joaquin Valley Valley. Highly pungent when fresh, these onions have even more flavor and aroma when dried. They add a rich, toasty flavor to a wide variety of dishes, from soup to salad dressing.

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Organic minced onion


San Joaquin Valley, California

Onions were one of the earliest cultivated crops in the United States, carried across the ocean by New World settlers who ran aground at Plymouth Rock. But wild varieties flourished and were harvested by Native Americans long before European contact. While California is the largest onion producer in the nation, our Spice Tribe harvest is more special. Our onions grow from heirloom seeds planted in the rich soil of the central San Joaquin Valley. Set in the center of the state, between the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east and the rolling, foggy Coastal Range to the west, the valley boasts a Mediterranean climate and incredibly fertile soil. Here, you’ll find an impressive variety of crops: grapes, tomatoes, sugar beets, cherries, walnuts, carrots, melons–and onions. Onions love abundant sun and loose, well-drained soil, and there's plenty of both in the San Joaquin Valley.

Tips for Success

  • This dried onion is quite coarse and perfect for adding a bit of texture and a burst of flavor directly on to your food.
  • They taste like little bits of fried onions and are perfect eaten without any cooking.
  • You can use them in all cooking applications from sauces, stews or grind it into a fine powder and use in your own spice blends and rubs.


How do you use dried onion?

You can use dried onions in most recipes that call for fresh onions. They can be rehydrated and used as onion paste. Dried onion is much stronger in flavor than fresh onion so less is needed. We also love to sprinkle dried onion on different dishes as a garnish to add flavor and texture.

What are the health benefits of dried onion?

Onions are great for heart health, immune system, and high blood pressure.

Is this the same as ground onion?

Ground onion is simply dried onion that has been ground to a powder. Our dried onion is minced so it is slightly larger pieces which add a nice texture to an array of recipes but you can always grind it if you need onion powder.

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