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California Dried Garlic
California Dried Garlic
California Dried Garlic

California Dried Garlic

Spicy, Pungent Savory


In California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, family farms have been growing garlic from heirloom seeds for generations. Much of the 25,000 acres of garlic is destined for drying. For cooks, dried garlic is less temperamental in a hot skillet than chopped raw garlic. For a full-bodied garlic flavor, you can rehydrate by soaking in water for 10 minutes before adding to your ingredients.

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Organic dried garlic


San Joaquin Valley, California

Though the beaches of the California coast get most of the world’s attention, the sunny San Joaquin Valley is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the United States. Set in the center of the state, between the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east and the rolling, foggy Coastal Range to the west, the valley boasts a Mediterranean climate and incredibly fertile soil. Here, you’ll find an impressive variety of crops: grapes, tomatoes, sugar beets, cherries, walnuts, carrots, melons–and garlic. Garlic thrives in full sun and loose soil, and the valley provides prime growing conditions. Indeed, family farms in the region have been growing garlic from heirloom seeds for generations.

Tips for Success

  • This dried garlic is quite coarse and perfect for adding a bit of texture and a burst of flavor directly on to your food.
  • You can use this almost anywhere you would use fresh garlic or you can grind it into a fine powder and use in your own spice blends and rubs.


California garlic vs regular garlic?

California garlic is known to be some of the most potent garlic in the world. It is also much more sustainable than importing garlic from China.

What are the health benefits of dried garlic?

Dried garlic has many of the same health benefits as fresh garlic like improving the immune system, lowering cholesterol levels, aid in digestion and reduce risk of cancer. –

How to use dried garlic?

Our dried minced garlic can be ground to garlic powder or used as is to provide texture to an array of foods. It can be sprinkled on baked goods or soaked in water to rehydrate and make garlic purée.

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