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Kashmiri Red Chili
Kashmiri Red Chili
Kashmiri Red Chili
Kashmiri Red Chili
Kashmiri Red Chili
Kashmiri Red Chili
Kashmiri Red Chili

Kashmiri Red Chili

Roasted Peppers, Sweet Chili, Medium Heat

Size: 1.6oz Pouch

With their fiery red color and balanced heat, Kashmiri chili peppers deliver a layer of savory piquancy to your favorite dishes. Our chili powder is sourced directly from Kashmir by esteemed farmer and agricultural expert Abdul Majeed Magray. This versatile spice is more in line with paprika than cayenne, making it a welcome addition to traditional Indian dishes such as tandoori chicken. Fun fact: red chili powder is said to aid in digestion and nasal congestion.

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Single Harvest, Farm Traceable, Grown for Flavor

No Additives, Fillers, Preservatives, Non-Irradiated

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Kashmiri Chili Powder


Lethpora Village, India

Abdul Majeed Magray grew up in a farming family and is a well-known and respected farmer and agricultural expert. He resides in the Lethapora Village of Pampore Town in the Kashmir Valley's Pulwama District. Often referred to as the "Saffron Town of Kashmir," Pampore Town is a highly fertile area known for producing the world's highest-quality legendary spice. Two of Majeed's sons hold doctorate degrees in plant science and sociology, while his other son is a mechanical engineer. All three sons work shoulder to shoulder with their father, farming the land where he grows Kashmiri chili peppers, saffron, apples, berries, vegetables, Mamra almonds, walnuts, and more.

Tips for Success

  • Sprinkle Kashmiri red chili powder on roasted vegetables, meat, or seafood for a pop of color and flavor. You can also mix it with yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, and ginger to make a flavorful marinade for chicken or lamb.
  • Add Kashmiri red chili powder to sauces to give them a rich color and a slightly spicy flavor. Try adding it to tomato-based sauces like tikka masala or butter chicken.
  • Kashmiri red chili powder is slightly less spicy than other chili powders, but it can still pack a punch. Use it in moderation and taste your dish as you go to avoid making it too spicy.


What is farm-direct sourcing and how do you source your spices?

We work as close to the source as possible, this often means directly importing from the farmer or cooperatives who source directly from farms. Each year we purchase the annual harvest for each spice we carry to ensure maximum freshness.

Are these spices certified organic?

Unfortunately we do not have any certifications at this time but most of our spices are organically grown and all of them are non gmo. Each ingredient can be traced back to its origin. Email for any questions.

Do you have recipes to go with this spice?

Yes! We have an ever expanding recipe library of chef tested recipes. Please shoot us an email if there are any recipes you would like to see at

How old are these spices?

We purchase what we need every year right after the spices are harvested. These spices are as fresh as you can get. They are not sitting in a warehouse for multiple years. The oldest spices we carry will be one year old compared to the commodity market which warehouses spices for 10+ years.

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