Artisanal Aged Son Fish Sauce*

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We’ve partnered with Chef Tu David Phu to import this 100% pure, 2 year artisanal, aged, and single-origin Son fish sauce. Since 1951, the Son Fish Sauce family has been producing traditional fish sauce rooted in the indigenous customs of Kien Giang, a province with international acclaim for its production of Asian fish sauce.

Taste: “Fish Sauce can enhance the flavors of any dish. Its alluring umami, earthy and savory flavors are hypnotizing; this umami-packed, liquid gold is guaranteed to make you salivate.” – Chef Tu David Phu

Check out Chef Tu’s digital recipe for Nước Chấm (Seasoned Fish Sauce), which is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine.

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What's Inside


Anchovy, Sea Salt
Single Bottle Net Weight: 10oz
Two Bottles Net Weight: 20oz
Three Bottles Net Weight: 30oz
No MSG, No fillers, No sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free No Artificial Coloring, No Artificial Flavoring.

About Chef Tu David Phu

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Top Chef Alumnus, Tu David Phu, is a Vietnamese-American, SF Chronicle Rising Star Chef, and an Emmy-nominated filmmaker from Oakland who cut his culinary teeth in some of the nation’s top restaurants. He has cooked across various cultures, from the American culinary greats to classical European traditions. But it is what he calls “the memory of taste” that pulled him back to his roots: the practices, ingredients, techniques, and flavors of Vietnamese cuisines, and he is passionate about sharing the riches and lessons of his birthright through food.


Learn more about the story of Son Fish Sauce. Read Chef Tu’s article “Why Does Fish Sauce Stink?”


Why Does Fish Sauce Stink?

Commercial Fish Sauce is smelly. Not traditional Fish Sauce. Commercial Fish Sauce stinks because it uses anchovy extracts.

What is so bad about anchovy extract?

In the case of Anchovy extract in Vietnam, it’s old anchovies that were not fresh or sold at the market. It’s decaying fish, that is dried then pulverized into a paste with additives, such as processed wheat.

How is “traditional” Fish Sauce made?

Traditional Vietnamese Fish Sauce is made from fermenting 70% fresh wild-caught anchovy and 30% sea salt for one year. Like olive oil, Fish Sauce is pressed. The first press is comparable to (what Italians consider ‘extra virgin’) a ‘top tier’ product.