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Pizza Pasta Spice Bundle
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Pizza Pasta Spice Bundle

4 Spices

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This bundle is the perfect way to make your favorite Italian dishes at home! It includes all the essential spices you need to create delicious pizzas and pastas, from the classic flavors of oregano and peppercorns to the more unique and exciting flavors of Porcini Paradiso Italian Blend and Turkish Maras Chili Flakes.

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Porcini Paradiso Italian Blend - An aromatic blend containing the finest dried porcini, warming garlic, herbs and a hint of Calabrian chile. For a delicious anytime meal, sauté with butter and toss with some fresh pasta and a sprinkling of parmesan.

Late Harvest Black Peppercorns - Vine ripened until red before drying, giving them a ruby hue and a unique fruity spice that we like to grind fresh on nearly every dish, including pasta.

Maras Chile Flakes - One of our favorite single-origin spices. They add bold, irresistible flavor to dishes without an overpowering heat, making them perfect for every palate.

Oregano Flower Buds - Oregano is a perennial herb with white or lilac-hued flowers. While the leaves are harvested and dried for flakes, the buds—picked at their peak aroma, right before bloom—offer a more delicate flavor.

Tips for Success

  • Avoid pouring spices over a steaming pot or pan, as the steam can get in the jar and cause clumping.
  • Use a pepper grinder to crack the peppercorns over a finished dish.
  • The flavor compounds of chiles disperse in oil, so use less of our Maras Chile Flakes in oil-based dishes and more in water-based cuisine for the right amount of heat.
  • Give the oregano buds a crush between your fingers before sprinkling directly on to your food like pizza or throw them into sauces, stews or broths.


How old are these spices?

We purchase what we need every year right after the spices are harvested. These spices are as fresh as you can get. They are not sitting in a warehouse for multiple years. The oldest spices we carry will be one year old compared to the commodity market which warehouses spices for 10+ years before selling them to you.

Do you have recipes to go with these spices?

Yes! We have an ever expanding recipe library of chef tested recipes. Click here to learn more. Please shoot us an email if there are any recipes you would like to see at

Can I buy spices for corporate gifts?

Yes you can. Please direct all corporate gifts related inquiries to

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