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Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
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Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box
Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box

Taste of India & Sri Lanka Box

Single Harvest, Farm Traceable, Grown for Flavor

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This bundle of single-harvest spices from India and Sri Lanka will add a touch of authentic flavor to your Indian dishes. The spices in this bundle are sourced from a single farm and harvest, ensuring that you receive the freshest, most flavorful spices possible. The tangy amchur powder and nutty sesame seeds are commonly used in South Indian cuisine, while the two Sri Lankan spices are grown in a regenerative forest alongside wild plants. This process adds a unique aroma and an unforgettable taste profile that's missing in conventionally farmed spices.

Farm Direct, Limited Harvest, Heirloom Spices

Sustainably Grown, Ethically Sourced

No Additives, Fillers, Preservatives, Non-Irradiated

About the Spices

Kandyan Green Cardamom - Cardamom reigns supreme in authentic Indian dishes like curries and masalas, but it's also used worldwide to bump up the flavor of beverages, pastries, rice dishes, meat, poultry, and more. Cardamon requires plenty of rain and shade to grow, making the higher elevation on the outskirts of the Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka an ideal match—one that also protects the biodiversity of this stunningly beautiful area.

Kandyan Cloves - The hero of many holiday favorites (think mulled wine, eggnog, pumpkin loaf, gingersnaps), cloves add a spicy sweetness that just can't be replicated. We also love the wonderful warmth and character that this spice brings to braises, stews and traditional Indian dishes, such as garam masala. Our cloves are locally sourced from smallholder farmers, where they are hand-picked, brought to a processing center, washed, dried and sorted by hand.

Banaganapalli Amchur - Our amchur powder is made from green, unripe Banaganapalli mangos sourced from a self-sustainable farm in the southeastern coastal region of India, Andhra Pradesh. Use a pinch of this salty, tangy-sweet powder to instantly change the complexity of flavor in everything from stews and stir-fries to veggies, fish and meat. You can even sprinkle it over your favorite fruits for that little extra kick.

Banar Mixed Sesame Seeds - Packed with nutrients, healthy fats, and protein, our sesame seeds come from a farm in Banar, which is in the province of Rajasthan, India. You'll find these little gems sprinkled on everything from bagels and breadsticks to stir-fries and salads, adding a delicious, nutty taste and a satisfying crunch. They can be eaten raw, but toasting brings out their full flavor. Sesame seeds also play a starring role in tahini, which is the main ingredient in hummus. Interesting fact: A ¼ cup of sesame seeds has more calcium than an 8-ounce glass of milk!

Atibele Ginger Powder - Equal parts spicy and sweet, ginger powder adds an undeniable zing to baked goods, curries, stews, braises and more. Ours is sourced directly from organic farms near Bengaluru in India, where the root is sun-dried, then ground into a fine powder. To make our powder, the ginger root is sun-dried from March through May when the weather is low in humidity and hot (90°F or more). The roots are cultivated along with many other fruits and vegetables and then sold to a Farmer Producers Organization (FPO) daily. 

Wayanad White Peppercorns - With its breathtaking beauty and ecological diversity, Kerala, located on the western coast of India, has earned the right to be referred to as God's Own Country. It is here that our white peppercorns originate, sourced directly from the farms of Mr. Kuruvilla. Known as the "King of Spices," white pepper is a universal condiment used to kick up the flavor of various cuisines. You can add it to soups and stews, the liquid used to poach seafood, meat, or poultry, or even fresh fruit compotes to impart a delicious warm spiciness.

Jodhpur Brown Mustard Seeds - The star of Dijon, brown mustard seeds like ours that hail from Jodhpur Rajasthan, add a pleasant punch to just about any dish, from chicken salad to marinades to curries. Tiny but mighty, these seeds are smaller in comparison to white and black varieties and are less spicy than black but spicier than white. Earthy and pungent with medium-low heat, they pair perfectly with other seasonings such as coriander, cumin and fennel.

Naati Tomato Powder - Directly sourced from organic farms near Bengaluru in India, our powder comes from locally grown tomatoes that are sun-dried to perfection. Made from the "naati" variety, which translates to "local," these little gems are cultivated along with many other fruits and vegetables and then sold to a Farmer Producers Organization (FPO) daily. With all the bright, complex acidity of tomatoes in a concentrated form, you can incorporate this powder into spice rubs or sprinkle it over roasted veggies, chicken and fish.

Kashmiri Red Chili - With their fiery red color and balanced heat, Kashmiri chili peppers deliver a layer of savory piquancy to your favorite dishes. Our chili powder is sourced directly from Kashmir by esteemed farmer and agricultural expert Abdul Majeed Magray. This versatile spice is more in line with paprika than cayenne, making it a welcome addition to traditional Indian dishes such as tandoori chicken. Fun fact: red chili powder is said to aid in digestion and nasal congestion.

Tips for Success

  • Whole cardamom pods can be chewed after spicy meals to cleanse the breath.
  • Remove whole cloves before serving because even when cooked, they have a hard, woody texture.
  • Amchur is commonly used as a souring agent in dishes that call for tangy or sour flavors. It can be used in place of tamarind, lime juice, or vinegar.
  • You can grind sesame seeds in a food processor or mortar and pestle to make a paste.
  • Ginger powder is potent and can easily overpower other flavors. Start with a small amount, then gradually increase the amount as you get used to the taste.
  • Toasting brown mustard seeds can bring out their flavor and aroma.
  • Grind or crack white peppercorns right before you use them like in a pepper grinder over a finished dish.
  • Use tomato powder to make a quick tomato sauce. Tomato powder is more concentrated than fresh tomatoes, so a little goes a long way.
  • Kashmiri red chili powder is slightly less spicy than other chili powders, but it can still pack a punch. Use it in moderation and taste your dish as you go to avoid making it too spicy.


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What is farm-direct sourcing and how do you source your spices?

We work as close to the source as possible, this often means directly importing from the farmer or cooperatives who source directly from farms. Each year we purchase the annual harvest for each spice we carry to ensure maximum freshness.

Do you have recipes to go with these spices?

Yes! We have an ever expanding recipe library of chef tested recipes. Please shoot us an email if there are any recipes you would like to see at

Can I add a gift note?

Yes you can. In the cart open 'Is this a gift?' and type your note below 'Add a Gift Note 🎁'. The note will be visible on the packing slip.

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